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2013-6-13 · One single wave with certain wave-vector can thus be split into two linear waves: ûeik x = û1 eik x + û2 ei(k x+π=2) (2.8) These two linearly polarised waves can be related to two other linearly polarised waves which are obtained from the former waves by a phase-shift φ: ûeik x = (û1 cos φ + û2 sin φ)ei(k x φ) + i( û1 sin φ + û2 ...

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 · Global variations of large megathrust earthquake rupture characteristics. PubMed Central. Kanamori, Hiroo. 2018-01-01. Despite the surge of great earthquakes along subduction zones over the last decade and advances in observations and analysis techniques, it remains unclear whether earthquake complexity is primarily controlled by persistent ...

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